About Me

Jack Eagen

Welcome to my site, featuring all my writing. Novellas, Graphic Novels, and full Novels. The first book I ever wrote “The City Doesn’t Know” is one of the first I will be publishing and making available. I won’t be exactly releasing my work in chronological order, but close. Some work requires a great deal of editing before I can release it. The last book I will most likely be releasing is my first Non-Fiction.

    For those who don’t know me, I do write professionally but mostly screen plays and ghost writing. I am also a full time editor with a production company, working on feature films, music videos, you name it.

    Most my work I have to edit myself with the help of online editing services. None of my work is being “professionally” edited. This is something I hope will change but like many writers I write more than I sell and I decided it was better to release all my work than leave it in a file cabinet. 

For more info go to: JackEagen.com

Movies and Comics

I am entering a new media, comics. My work in the film industry has brought me around to making comics from my films, and vice versa. As new content becomes available I am excited to share it.